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A Guide to All Souls Cemetery, 4400 Cherry Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807

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About All Souls Cemetery, 4400 Cherry Avenue Long Beach, CA 90807

All Souls Cemetery, in Long Beach California sits on over 78 acres of constantly manicured and preserved land. This innovative sanctuary is not just a burial ground but a living tribute to memory and conservation. The cemetery promotes biodiversity by incorporating native plant species and sustainable water management systems, making it a haven for local wildlife and a serene spot for contemplation.

Additionally, the mortuary emphasizes community and healing, featuring a multipurpose gathering space that hosts educational workshops on grief and heritage conservation, alongside traditional services. This approach not only honors the deceased but also fosters a supportive community environment.

Rich History and Unique Offerings

Founded in 1950 by Archbishop J. Francis A. McIntyre, All Souls serves various communities. The cemetery is distinct for its comprehensive Catholic funeral rites, which include the Vigil Service, Funeral Liturgy, and Rite of Committal.

Visitor Information

Visitors should note the seasonal hours:

  • Spring: 8am to 6pm
  • Winter: 8am to 5pm.

When Does All Souls Throw Away The Flowers?

Flower removal occurs every Thursday at All Souls Cemetery, and assistance with grave locations is available at the office.

How Do I Contact All Souls Cemetery?

You can reach out by phon at (562) 424-8601. Alternatively you can send an email to allsouls@catholiccm.org. I cannot guarantee but it is usually faster to reach All Souls Cemetery and Mortuary by phone.

To Speak to cemetery management you are going to want to ask for either MaryAnn McAdams, Cemetery Manager or Lorraine Nutt, the Assistant Cemetery Manager.

To reach the mortuary you are going to want to call/email and ask for Ashley Menear, the current Mortuary Manager.

For Preneed/Advance planning and help you are going to want to call or email and request to speak to Antonio Velasco the Advance Planning Manager.

You can also visit their website at https://catholiccm.org/all-souls-cemetery-mortuary

How Much is a Plot at All Souls Cemetery?

The most recent response from All Souls Cemetery Long Beach, CA March 14, 2023, states that the most economical plot of land starts at space starts at $16,500.00. To this cost, they state they have to add what they refer to as burial essentials.

The burial essentials are the costs of opening closing of the cemetery space, the memorial marker, inscriptions, flower vases and a contract fee. These costs can add up to approximately $4,618.51. Please call the office at (562) 424-8601 for any additional information.

So in total, the cost of purchasing the cheapest burial plot in the All Souls Cemetery, in Long Beach CA, is $21,118.51 in total including all fees noted by the site manager. This information was released by All Souls Cemetery Staff March 14, 2023 and may or may not be exact as of the current date listed below.

What is The Process of Buying a Plot At This Cemetery?

The process of acquiring a plot at All Souls is thorough and respectful. Patrons are first consulted to identify their needs, followed by a tour of the park to select a suitable location. The final steps include a detailed discussion of the purchase and the signing of the contract in the office.

Is There a Requirement to Be Buried At All Souls Cemetery?

All Souls Cemetery Policy Update – March 14, 2023

To purchase a burial space at All Souls Cemetery, individuals must be of the Catholic faith or have a connection to the Catholic community. This policy ensures that the cemetery continues to serve its faith-based community while accommodating family and historical connections.

Current Weather at All Souls Catholic Cemetery

View the current live weather at all souls catholic cemetery in Long Beach, CA.

All Souls Catholic Cemetery
All Souls Cemetery
3:04 am, May 28, 2024
temperature icon 58°F
Humidity 90 %
Pressure 1016 mb
Wind 5 mph
Wind Gust Wind Gust: 9 mph
Clouds Clouds: 100%
Visibility Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise Sunrise: 5:44 am
Sunset Sunset: 7:56 pm

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